December Doodles

Wow, this month has been a blur. First came finals, then came graduation...and before I knew it, Christmas was here! I can hardly believe my college days are over (for now at least). It has been a good 4.5 years for sure, but it is time to move on. I am excited to find a job and get to work on the millions of projects I want to try my hand at. Like my good ol' dad tells me, I may be out of school, but I'm not done learning!

Time to find tutorials and fiddle with new programs. :)
Frustration, excitement, failure, and glimmers of hope, here I come!

Oh, and these are a few drawings I started after graduation for a Christmas project and didn't finish. Sorry for not getting gifts out this year!! I need to start painting and money saving way sooner next time!


Illustration Final Project

Didn't get through the entire storyboard in time but I do plan to finish it sometime (and even add sound!).



If you're keeping track of these...I'm sure you're tired of them by now. Don't watch if you want to wait for the completed animation! IT'S NOT DONE YET! XD


Death Packet Animation WIP 3

Keeping track of progress. Out of 90 "scenes" from the storyboard...I'm on about 8. >.>
Long way to go but excited for the journey. XD


Fan Artish

So, I'm up at 4am unable to sleep and even more unable to animate my project...and I find myself drawing the profile of some interpreter guy that makes really awesome music videos using sign language. I used reference but there is still something about it that doesn't really look like him. Oh well, practice is practice, right? It was fun either way!
If you're curious about the guys vids, you can find them here: http://www.youtube.com/st0rmfx


Portfolio Show!

The portfolio show was amazing! I had such a great time and everyone really pulled together at the last minute. I'm pretty sure it turned out better than anyone expected.

I'm so thankful for having had the opportunity to share such a wonderful experience with so many awesome artists. Thanks to everyone who came out!! You made it all worthwhile. :D

Here are a few pics of my display from the show. The computer on the left displayed a looping slide show of my work while the computer on the right displayed my three time lapse videos over and over. The projector above my display is where I doodled in Photoshop for the duration of the show. My feet were killing me but it was fun!

Here are the different layers of doodles from the show. While the art isn't necessarily masterful, it was entertaining for the show! Some drawings are of other artists and even visitors of the show! :)


Animation progress

Still slow on actual progress. Ran into some trouble with the buttons that I don't even really need, but after forever and a day I finally got it figured out haha. Either way, Thanksgiving will be full of animation fun-ness!

There are 3 buttons in the bottom right corner...

Pause: will pause the time line, but since the animation is composed of movie clips it'll look like it keeps going.

Play: will resume time line progression

Stop: will return you back to the beginning and you have to start watching all over again.

Ok, here it is:


Sketchbook Doodle-tastic-ness

Scanned these and figured...what the heck...might as well post them on the recently neglected blog-o-rama.
It's pretty much life drawing sketches, but doodle-tastic-ness sounds more fun.


Please vote for my design!

It will fill me with warm fuzzies of happiness if you vote a 5.

Thank you in advance to everyone who shows it some love!

Digital Zombie - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Not much progress...

The title screens take longer than you'd think, lol. I just started the boiling water...whoopdee dooo. >.<


City of Clouds

I've come to realize that I really really really like jellyfish.


Animated Storyboard

I've compiled the frames from the previous Death Cook storyboard into a .gif to make sure it has the proper flow.



Spring Heeled Jack Rough Concepts

After a few weeks of lallygagging around with random drawings, I am finally getting to some actual projects. Yay!

Here we have a rough concept of "Spring Heeled Jack" based on the vision of the person I'm doing it for. If you've never heard of Spring Heeled Jack, you should google him! Long story short, he was a very tall mischievous man/demon that could jump super duper heights with ease. He liked to scare people in and around the London area around the mid 1800's I think. Sightings were reported for about 100 years. He is an interesting character for sure...especially when he starts vomiting white and blue flames.


New Portfolio

I've been working on getting a solid online portfolio together and have had many fails in the process. Today I came across some neat artist portfolios made on www.carbonmade.com so I thought I'd give the site a try. Turns out I had signed up years ago and forgotten about it! Either way, the site is super easy to navigate and creates a nice clean space for the viewer.

Click the image to take a look at mine and decide if you'd like to make one for yourself!
(Sorry, no drawings or doodles today)


Archangel Michael

I've been thinking I should try another time lapse video before my free trial expires, so last night I did! It made me really sad because it didn't seem to record the last half of the drawing (which was my favorite part), but what can you do?

Here's a link to the video if you'd like to have a look:


Seems like there is much more I could do to the drawing but I need to learn when to stop as well, so I stopped (plus it was 4 something in the a.m. and I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, hehe). I guess I ended up going for an old fresco kind of look.


More Death Cook

Hope you're not getting tired of this little dude/lady. I use to think it was a she but after drawing this it looks more like a he. Go figure!


Death Cook Animation Test

Playing with Flash more today. Finished a little loop of the Death Cook character just standing there menacingly. It's really no different than the drawing yesterday other than subtle animated effects here and there. This took soooooo long to make! Holy moly, I could hardly believe what time it was when I looked at the clock. It was real fun though, plus I learned a TON of things about Flash. Good stuff. Good day.

Please click the image for animated version. Thanks!


Whoa, 180

So...my character idea took a super duper "One-Eighty" degree turn today. I had previously planned on a mysterious sci-fi creature to appear in my final project for Illustration, but now I'm thinking it's going to be this little gal. Little miss "Death cook" something or other...i don't know yet. She collects human remains to flavor soup; at least that's the plan for now.


New Time Lapse Video

Wow, I learned alot about coloring in photoshop with this one...how fun!! I love finding new ways to do things that save tons of time compared to old methods that don't even accomplish what I want half of the time, haha.

Check out the 4 minute video if you have some free time! :D


Woohoo and thank you. :)


Death Packet Abductor

Sneak peak at an illustration project I'm working on. Hope it ends up looking as cool as I imagine it in my head! I still have to figure out how to draw the body lol, but here is the rough concept of the head!

I'm going to try to animate a 360 view of this on Flash...hopefully it will help me when I have to animate the entire creature later >.<


Camtasia Studio 6

Just downloaded a free trial of Camtasia Studio 6. It is a nifty little program that lets you record everything that happens on your screen and turn it into a movie or tutorial or whatever you want. I used it to record myself drawing a picture! It's so fun!! It sounds a little vain now that I think of it...watching myself draw a picture over and over....but still, it's cool stuff. I love videos that others have made doing this, so I just had to try.

I might utilize this for my portfolio show in December somehow...better figure it out before the 30 day trial is up though!

Oh, and also...the song I used here is called "Sweet Pea" and it's by Project. I don't own the rights to the song or the band or anything, I just really really love their stuff. Hope it's ok with them that I used it >.>

Here's the linkage:

and here is the drawing itself:


PewPew Lady

Was doodling a hand/pose from a reference photo of Lady Gaga and began to come up with a fun new drawing. Lady Gaga has the weirdest sense of style but oddly enough it inspires me. Makes me think sci-fi and fantasy stuff which I like and would like to focus on more anyway.

I think I'm going to make purple webs of magic come from her left palm to her right hand fingers...maybe. I'm not sure yet. Usually my drawings go wherever they want despite my decisions beforehand.

ref pic found in a google search:


Sketchbook Fun

Life drawing is fun and all, but sometimes it's so much more fun to doodle with no goals, expectations, or "models". Doodle dump! It's like taking all the ideas piled up in a trash bin in your brain and getting them out before the dump truck passes your stop.
Ok, I'm not sure how much sense that last sentence made...I think the dump truck left before my brain goonies finished throwing out the thought. Oh well, what can ya do? Just keep on trucking.

What's up with me and trash and trucks today?

Anyway, I charged my camera and had fun playing with the macro feature taking pictures of my sketchbook. I hope they are as fun for you to look at as they were for me to draw. :)


It is confuuuusing me :D

Flash and Photoshop aren't playing together nicely. I guess I'll just have to keep trying to figure out how to make them work without turning the animation into a spazzy mess. :)
It's all real fun though, I hope to practice tons and get better.


There is just not enough time in a week

I decided to give a WoW fanart contest a shot and failed. Enjoy :)
(yeah...I never really finished it *blush*)


Dust after a Nap

After a long week of moving heavy stuff back and forth...room to room...building to building...my poor boyfriend was plum tuckered out. He was having a nice long nap today but, being the food lover that I am, I woke him up for dinner leaving him somewhat disoriented and disgruntled. As he sat up to try and come to his senses, he had the best grumpy face plastered on and, since I was already drawing, I just had to pull up a new layer and do a little speed painting!

So here he is in all his grumpy glory! This 5 minute or so doodle-sketch of my sweetheart.

(Isn't he just adorable? :P)