Playing with Flash

Just wanted to whip up a quick update since I haven't in forever. School is out for the summer, I passed all my classes with acceptable grades (yay!), and I have been feverishly searching for a job. Actually, "feverishly" isn't exactly the right word to describe my search - desperate yet laid back seems more accurate. Kind of an oxymoron, yeah, but pretty much the only way I can describe it.

Lately I have been having weird dreams starring people from my high school days in odd situations. The first dream in this "series" conveyed a strange mixture of emotions including regret, contentment, and doom. You wouldn't think those feelings would work together harmoniously, but they really did. I don't remember much of the dream now, but I was in one of the top floors of a building about ten stories high with two or three people from high school. It was night and we were all about to die. The building was collapsing or a nuclear explosion was imminent, I don't remember which one. I think it was the nuclear thing. The room reminded me of an old chemistry lab. There was a guitar and small amp plugged in to the wall by the beakers. We all took turns playing and reminiscing and gazing into each others eyes with regret. There was regret for the things we did in the past, but mostly for the things we didn't do. I think the most regret we had was not being able save ourselves, though. It was pretty intense!

Just last night I had a similar dream with another group of high school friends from a whole different phase of my life. This dream uprooted feelings of longing and invisibility that I haven't experienced in forever. No one was doomed to die in this manifestation of my subconscious, but I was so expendable I might as well have been.

Anyway, all these dreams stirred up some emotions I haven' felt in a while and have been strangely enjoyable. I actually felt like drawing today thanks to the overflow. I started drawing a gal trying to listen through a door and ended up with the following interactive flash...thing. I couldn't figure out how to draw her arm/hand so I just took it off and had fun with her hair. Click on the hair thumbnails under the girl to change her do.

Thanks for listening to my crazy dream stories! I was really wanting to tell someone and I feel better now, even if it's just my screen that I'm typing to. :)

(it cuts off some of the file, so you can check it out here for the full thing)