Quick Post

I just wanted to post this sketch here since I've posted it pretty much everywhere else. This is my sweet boyfriend reading his Terry Goodkind series at 3 in the morning. His head is shaved.


Sea Monster!

So today I got on sketchoholic.com to check out CHIUStream #40 and decided I'd participate! If you haven't heard of it, anyone who wants to challenge him/herself as an artist has about one hour to complete a drawing/concept artwork of a random topic picked by Bobby Chiu himself at the beginning of the stream. During the hour, Bobby paints his own concept of the topic while also discussing intensity, taking skype calls, and sending good karma vibes to everyone working hard to be a better artist. At the end of the hour, everyone is encouraged to upload their drawings which are then voted on by all the peeps hanging out in the stream. After voting is complete, the top 3 illustrations have a chance to win their respective artists the very painting Bobby worked on during the hour. Bobby browses through all of the entries, enlarging the ones that catch his eye, and then decides his favorite of the top illustrations.

I would recommend that any and all artists with an hour to paint go check out CHIUStream when it happens next. It is a real challenge! I'm not sure when that will be, but you can see where it all happens here. There are tons of great things going on there so take a look when you have a chance!

This is what I got done during the CHIU hour. Yeah...not very good at all, haha! I was so confident that I could whip out a masterpiece but the clock crunchin' away on your time can be a real mind trip. I didn't even get it uploaded in time for voting (and I'm kind of thankful for that because it's embarassing!). Anyway, I can't wait till the next CHIUStream...and until then I'm going to keep trying new hour long paintings!


Interactive Lecture

Woohoo! I'm getting back into the Flash groove and decided to make the animation an interactive lecture instead. My client seemed very excited about it. :)

Click me for Parathyroid vs. Bones


When did I become a medical Illustrator?

I'm working on an animated diagram of the endocrine system for another professor at the College of Southern Idaho. She just wanted an illustration but I decided to animate it while my laptop is still working. I hope she likes the finished product!

This is the thyroid gland thingy that resides in your throat. Fun!