Not much progress...

The title screens take longer than you'd think, lol. I just started the boiling water...whoopdee dooo. >.<


City of Clouds

I've come to realize that I really really really like jellyfish.


Animated Storyboard

I've compiled the frames from the previous Death Cook storyboard into a .gif to make sure it has the proper flow.



Spring Heeled Jack Rough Concepts

After a few weeks of lallygagging around with random drawings, I am finally getting to some actual projects. Yay!

Here we have a rough concept of "Spring Heeled Jack" based on the vision of the person I'm doing it for. If you've never heard of Spring Heeled Jack, you should google him! Long story short, he was a very tall mischievous man/demon that could jump super duper heights with ease. He liked to scare people in and around the London area around the mid 1800's I think. Sightings were reported for about 100 years. He is an interesting character for sure...especially when he starts vomiting white and blue flames.


New Portfolio

I've been working on getting a solid online portfolio together and have had many fails in the process. Today I came across some neat artist portfolios made on www.carbonmade.com so I thought I'd give the site a try. Turns out I had signed up years ago and forgotten about it! Either way, the site is super easy to navigate and creates a nice clean space for the viewer.

Click the image to take a look at mine and decide if you'd like to make one for yourself!
(Sorry, no drawings or doodles today)


Archangel Michael

I've been thinking I should try another time lapse video before my free trial expires, so last night I did! It made me really sad because it didn't seem to record the last half of the drawing (which was my favorite part), but what can you do?

Here's a link to the video if you'd like to have a look:


Seems like there is much more I could do to the drawing but I need to learn when to stop as well, so I stopped (plus it was 4 something in the a.m. and I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, hehe). I guess I ended up going for an old fresco kind of look.