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As you may know, I have been reluctant to submit my apparel designs anywhere other than Teefury, but that is finally starting to change. I still check Teefury every day because I love love LOVE the community and tees, but that doesn't mean I have to limit my artistic growth or success! I'm excited to say that I've been working harder than ever to get designs printed and work my way out of this debt monster I seem to have fallen into. Yay for being productive!

Speaking of productive, if you're interested in an inspiration article on the subject you should hope over to Jimiyo's blog!

Alright, so now to the necessary evil: shameless self-promotion. I've just submitted a revamped version of "Don't come in! I'm naked!" to Threadless in hopes of getting it printed. You might remember it from a previous post. It's much more muted now, very subtle coloring with a slight pop of color. I really like the change. Hopefully the design will be approved within the next day or so. When it is, you can vote and help make it a tee!

You can vote by clicking the image below:

Don't come in! I'm naked! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Okay, now it's time to be productive on HOMEWORK! :D
Have an awesome day/night!


The Froggy and the Fly

This is what I'm turning in for homework RIGHT NOW!....or well..right after I finish posting this post. Ahhh I still have homework to finish! Gotta run! Enjoy!