I drew this teapot for an assignment last night and am just now thinking it kind of looks like Dumbo from the beloved 1941 Disney animated film. Dumbo. I wonder how many times I can say Dumbo before you get tired of reading it. Oh, you're tired of it already? Sorry!
Anyway, the emotion I was trying to convey when I drew it is meek or sheepish, but now all I see is a sad little elephant without ears. Poor little sad elephanteapot!

Speaking of teapots, I think it's time for some tea! Or maybe hot chocolate? Mmmm, hot chocolate.


Getting Ready for a Makeover

I'm really not happy with the quality of my work as of late, so I'm just going to start sketching. A lot. Hopefully from life. This sketch is just a doodle-fart before the big sketch boom.

Today's Doodlephant

Warming up for some homework! Note: My homework has nothing to do with elephants. I just like elephants.