Monkey King!

Yesterday's CHIUstream was so fun! The Monkey King topic made for quite a lot of variety in entries. Believe it or not I spent most of the allotted hour on the background. Yeah, it doesn't look like it. Either way, I enjoy how it came out despite the unfinished feeling. :)


Magical Parasol

It's about time to start drawing again. I've been so busy house-sitting I haven't been in the mood to draw! All I can think about are the animals and wondering if they need to go potty...
Now that house-sitting is coming to a close, the desire to draw is slowly seeping back into my fingertips, and just in time! There was an INTENSITY CLUB happening tonight on sketchoholic.com and I was lucky enough to catch it. I know there are many other projects I need to be working on, but sometimes you need to get back in the art groove before you can get into the serious business.

Here is my fun intensity club entry for today. The young boy is holding a magical parasol which turns rain into coins (I'd like one of those!). It was so refreshing to work with different digital brushes again. I had forgotten how nice they feel!