The Exchange of Power

Sky and earth, light and dark, good and evil. ...Yin and yang?

There is always balance.

I am sick with a sore throat and a runny nose. I guess it was time to balance out all the good luck and health I have had for so long! So I happily take on this sickness (but I'll still complain to Dustin like a baby, ha ha).



What do you want first...the good news or the bad news?

The bad news, huh?

Well, even if you don't want the bad news first, you're getting it! I've always been one to save the best for last.

Okay, the bad news:
The list of projects I need to do aside from school is overflowing! OVERFLOWING I say!! Off the paper and onto the FLOOR kind of overflowing! Yeah, it's pretty scary when that happens, especially when the list of stuff to do for school is starting to boil over as well. So yeah, bad news is I am a slow-poke and all progress on non-school related things has come to a screeching halt. Sorry!

Alrighty, now the GOOD new!

Was there good news? After spewing about the bad news I kind of forgot.

Oh yeah, the good news is that I should be able to buckle down and get lots and lots of school work done very soon. At the beginning of the semester, I found it very hard to start any homework due to the dread of opening giant programs and being consumed by them, but now I am wielding knowledge! Yes, this knowledge helps me open programs without fear or dread and instead makes them bend to my will. So now that I have acquired some guts I should be able to have even more fun animating! Yay!

You know what that means, right? That means I'll be able to get to non-school related projects one of these days...hopefully soon! Double-yay!

Okay, enough of that crazy-ness. Here is what you've been waiting for (or not). My homework for the week! If the animation looks funky that's because it is. This was me animating before I was wielding knowledge and guts. They will become much more awesome in the future.


More ASL Kitties

Just playing with color. Don't mind me.

I'll have to say I like the blue boy and pinky idea for shirts, but the hot pink/blue cat would be a nifty looking sticker.


ASL Kitty 2?

Trying to figure out how to color it better. I'm not doing too well. I should probably get back to homework as the weekend will be over before I know it! Ah time, how you elude me.


ASL Kitty Loves You!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I've always been one to procrastinate...I hope you can forgive me.


Ball 'N' Tail

Sorry I have not been posting lately, but school has been KER-A-ZEEE! To make it up to you, here's my most recent homework assignment! We are studying the wave principle in 3D character animation and the tail was suppose to be practice.


This is me doing my homework

I am enrolled in a "Developing Story" class where I learn to write screenplays and all that lovely stuff. Our first assignment is to come up with a story premise based on a word we pick from an environment and I somehow ended up picking "Sleep." The environment was a Red Cross Shelter in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. How I ended up thinking of sleep, I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, it turns out putting my ideas into a story premise is harder than it should be. Here is a taste of how my attempts have been going:

When a search and rescue crew finds a sleeping child on the banks of a Louisiana marsh, unreal things begin to happen. With every step they take to extract the girl from the hurricane scared earth...grass and bunnies sprout from under their feet and sunshine rays spout from their eyeballs.

Needless to say, it could use some work.

And last but not least...I can't make a post without a picture so here you go. The Universe or a galaxy or a dragon....or all three! Take from it what you will.