Animation progress

Still slow on actual progress. Ran into some trouble with the buttons that I don't even really need, but after forever and a day I finally got it figured out haha. Either way, Thanksgiving will be full of animation fun-ness!

There are 3 buttons in the bottom right corner...

Pause: will pause the time line, but since the animation is composed of movie clips it'll look like it keeps going.

Play: will resume time line progression

Stop: will return you back to the beginning and you have to start watching all over again.

Ok, here it is:


Sketchbook Doodle-tastic-ness

Scanned these and figured...what the heck...might as well post them on the recently neglected blog-o-rama.
It's pretty much life drawing sketches, but doodle-tastic-ness sounds more fun.


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