Direct Painting is HARD

I guess I am more of an indirect person.

I am also a major procrastinator! :D
I had plenty of time to paint last weekend but never felt like it...so instead of making a decent painting by taking my time with the assigned process I so passionately...dislike, I wait until I only have about 4 hours to complete the darn thing. Many of my projects are more fun this way, but with oil painting it just doesn't...work. Well, I guess it does work but it wasn't all that fun today. Anyway, I forgot what I was saying...I'm tired...here's the mess...goodnight.

Every time the song changed, so did my face. Most of the songs were pissed off angry grunge


Night Elf

It's a nelf. He's unsatisfied with his surroundings. I should learn to pay more attention to those.



When I first got my Wacom Intuos3 tablet I was so excited! I had no idea what it would be like, but I became comfortable with it quite quickly. This is the first picture I really sat down and drew with it after goofing off and figuring out how to adjust the pressure n' stuff.

The Lost Gecko

CD cover for an Ireland based band called The Lost Gecko as well as Illustration class.