Breathe Again

So, I'm doing this fun little thing someone showed me on Deviantart. There is a list of 100 words or phrases and you're suppose to draw every one from your own perspective. It's a neat way to force yourself to have work to do, even when you really don't. It is also pretty handy when you just can't seem to formulate any ideas for yourself!

I was going to make them super awesome, full color illustrations...but I decided I like quick and fun better. That seems to be my mindset lately so I'm just going to go with the flow. XD

This one was for the phrase "Breathe Again."
I started out trying to draw the feeling of waking up gasping for air because, for some reason, you stop breathing during sleep. Then the whole thing just kind of turned into a vampire-ish ...thing.


Speed Painting

I'm always browsing around the web for cool concept artwork and speed paintings. They are just too super awesome to NOT want to spend all day admiring them.

Anyway, I love the idea of speed painting so much that I think I'm going to try at least one every day. They happen in the heat of the moment, must be super fun to not have to worry about refining stuff, AND they look cool...if you're good. To be honest, I simply adore the textures and crazy lines that happen. Colors too.

I did this last night as I was about to pass out. Hopefully (if I keep this up) I will see a big step in awesomeness later on in the summer (because this one is poopy).
(but I secretly like it anyway, hehe)



I have decided that I play on Photoshop allot rather than actually having a goal or idea and pursuing it artistically. Not that it's necessarily a BAD thing, I should just be refining rather than re...doodling.

Playing with textures still. Hope to move on to some other fascinating technique soon.

(incomplete and will most likely stay that way) (hope it doesn't bother you too much 'cuz that's just, life.)


Bronco Gallery

Well, I tried for something and actually came out on the other side -- the side I wanted to be on. Submitted illustrations to the new Bronco Gallery in the SUB and they are actually keeping some. Now I have to write a short Bio...I never know what to say.

"Hi, my name is Holly and I like to draw. I also like to eat cheese and play video games. This is all about me...me me me. Me I me me I I all me I I blah blah."

Too much "me" and "I" if you ask me. I wonder if they'd allow my bio to be an essay on the 18 different ways you can fold a washcloth instead.

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