Lifting Groceries - Pose Test

It doesn't look like much now...but next week it will be EPIC!! (hopefully!)


Sorry about that last post!

It was pretty crazy. I was so tired I hardly even remember writing it. From now on I think I should take some advice and avoid blogging while drinking...I mean, while being super tired and in a seemingly drunken state.......you know what I mean...I hope.

Anyway, after reflecting on my fatigued vomit of words from the other night, I got to thinking of all the embarrassing moments people experience in their lives. Sure, some people have more embarrassing moments than others, but I can't imagine anyone having NO embarrassing moments. One thing I have always worried about is being caught in a most vulnerable state...in my birthday suit! I wonder who HASN'T had that dream where they go to school naked or without pants or something.

The irony of my "being caught without certain articles of clothing" fear is that I have never been walked in on like that, but I have walked in on other people not expecting company! I think it scarred me, as well as the victims of my inability to knock, for life. Images of them won't leave my head! ...See?? I even draw the horror when I let my subconscious take hold.


I Copied this Post From My Deviantart Page

How do you like the title of my post? I think it's lovely. It's funny because what I am typing right now wasn't copied from my deviantart page. I hope that doesn't make me a liar because that would make me sad. Just to be safe, I'll stop typing and paste the copied stuff from deviantart now. Enjoy the briefness:

"I bought some new books the other day. They are full of beautiful landscapes and miraculous colors. They make me want to improve my landscape painting skills. I haven't slept in 2 days. I'm going to post this on my blog now. Exactly. Like. This.

...and then time for sleep and getting back to normal. (and eating less cake...it makes me weirder than usual)"


Post-Apocolyptic Design

This is my 95th post!

Yesterday I got a really cool little gem in the mail - my smudge guard glove!
It makes me look like a ninja and I love it. I'm hoping it'll help keep my tablet clean and prevent the sticky sweat that makes it harder to draw. We shall see soon enough!

Also I got Camtasia Studio 7 in the mail the other day so I should be posting some time lapse videos soon!

And lastly...here is a Fifth Element/Fallout inspired design I finished this morning.


UFO's Explained!

All those UFO's people are seeing? Yeah, they are really dinosaurs.

I have had my tablet for a little over 24 hours and have already just about destroyed a pen nib! I wonder if I said that in my last post....I haven't slept much since I got the thing. Maybe I should take a break from it, but it's so darn enjoyable!!


New Tablet, Yay!

I got my new Intuos4 wireless tablet today! At first I thought I couldn't use it until I got my bluetooth adapter, but it also works as a plug in tablet so I was able to use it as soon as I realized that little fact. Once it was up and running, I couldn't stop drawing! Ah, I drew so much junk that doesn't even look like anything...lines, scribbles, squiggles, dots, and circles....lots of circles. Do you think I draw circles more than anything because I think in circles? Maybe it's because circles remind me of cookies. Who knows. Anyway, I had a ton of fun and didn't even realize it was nearing 5am until I took a blog break. Out of the mess of doodles I have one drawing that actually looks semi-polished. It's a ladybug ready for the beach! :D

...or is it a lovebug on her second birthday thinking of how much she loves her mommy and daddy and wondering where her favorite doll with curly blond hair and dimples is?

Maybe it's both!


Pull and be Pulled

The assignment was to create a pose test demonstrating the animation concept of "pull and be pulled," however it is possible that I may have animated it a bit more than I should have. The completed smooth animation is to be finished and turned in by next week...so we shall see the difference then.


Crimson Clouds

I love to look at the sky. Maybe you do too?

Ok it's not really a sky...just a drawing of a sky. I imagine it would look lovely as a large oil painting over a comfy sofa.

I was trying to do a pose test for homework in TV Paint animation software, and I noticed some paintbrush tools! So, as usual, I found a way to get distracted from what I was doing. It was fun though! So yeah, I still have a ton of homework to do, but at least I had fun not doing it. ...if that makes sense.


...and like in many of my posts it's nearly 4 A.M. and I'm starting to ramble. Time for bed and hopefully for getting back on normal people hours...schedule...ness.