Started to fiddle with character design for the script "Umbra" by a friend of a friend, Jason Willford. Not too thrilled about the turnout at the moment, but they are just products of sleepy brainstorming so hopefully I'll have something I'm a bit more proud of soon. They are suppose to be quick sketches and I kind of enjoy them that way, but the character just isn't right at the moment. Either way, they were great fun and a perfect way to end the night. :)


Sleepy Sketches

Doodling while my boyfriend was napping. The digital sketch of his slumber doesn't do him justice. Plus, he woke up before I could finish! ^_^



fiddlesticks. Illustrator randomness. I'm not all that great with said program, but I do enjoy it on certain occasions.


Zombie Pumpkin

It's a little late for Halloween stuff, but I drew it in October so it still counts! The picture is a bit of an inside joke but it's fun anyway.


Mark the book

Random update! I feel as though I should be reading. Instead I decided to share with you a simple little bookmark I made for my boyfriend last year. Yay for cute little gnomes! The toon on the bookmark is his World of Warcraft character. At the time he was a fire mage :P

Enough of the nerdy speak...here's the bookmark.