Stay Fresh

Another study from www.jamesvandermemes.com
(My previous one may or may not be on my Facebook Fan Page. I can't remember if I posted it or not! Oh, memory...why do you leave me so often?)

I used the van der pire gif

Yes, I know it doesn't look much like him, but hey, it was fun and who doesn't like a little exaggeration? That's the beauty of art! You don't have to make things look like they do in real life. In fact, it's more interesting if you don't. Put your own spin on the stuff of this world!

...Played with halftones for once. Learned a lot! Thanks go to vandermemes for the hilarious expressions and ;jimiyo for the immensely helpful tuts and resources!

(Oh, and by the way...I checked to see if I posted the previous study from a van der memes gif. Turns out I posted it on facebook AND here....and deviantart, too..probably. I totally forgot it was the old man drawing I did a week or so ago. Ahhhh haha I feel silly for forgetting so quick. Don't worry though, I will be ok. I think.)


Finally Finished Something

There are so many different ways i could have taken this design but this is what I settled on. I might add some distress marks or texture, but this is basically it.


Color Dump

It looks like a bucket of color took a dump on my canvas...multiple times.

Color is my biggest challenge so I'm trying to really study it here before I decide on a final combo for the design.


Life Drawing Morph

So I am trying to get back into the drawing groove and sketch from life more often(or from pictures since I don't get out much!). This drawing started out as a sketch of "Dramatic Dawson" from James Van Der Memes, but somehow morphed into this weird old man.


Busy and Loving it

Things have been going great the last couple of months. I had the chance to visit my awesome family thanks to my amazing sister, spend a couple of weeks with friends, eat lots of good holiday food, and spread lots of jolly-ness everywhere. Now that the holiday buzz has finally quieted down, I can concentrate on real-life responsibilities! Yay!

Or not so yay.

Okay, maybe kind of yay.

I like feeling productive.

Oh, and my new year resolution is to get a design printed at Teefury!

Anyway, since settling back down into my place of residence I have been bombarded with freelance gigs...and I love it! I'm a bit behind on a couple of side projects, but I'll get to them eventually; hopefully before school starts up again. Anyway, here is a CD Cover I just finished for an awesome musician in Ireland, Malcolm Sean Urquhart of "The Lost Gecko." He liked a drawing I did previously so I was able to finish quickly.

You should definitely check out his stuff: