Stage Fright

Making art makes you vulnerable, kind of like being on stage. You try to envision the audience naked but then look down and realize you're the one who's stripped of all disguises. You put your art out there and you let the world take a peek inside your head - hoping to connect with another human being. Sometimes no one gets it though, and that's when you realize how strange you are...or how bad your market yourself.


Challenge of Balance

There comes a time during every semester when my brain crashes much like a computer. An overload of relevant and irrelevant information flood the mushy folds of my knowledge bulb until I can't sort out red from Cheerios or mustard from Lord of the Rings. It usually doesn't happen THIS soon into a semester, but it does occur eventually. As an intelligent reader, you've probably already picked up on my befuddled thought process as I spew incoherence from my finger tips. I almost don't even remember what I came here for...

Oh, wait, I remember now. I was feeling embarrassed about doing poorly in school as compared to my normal standards. You know, it's really not that big of a deal. I mean, yes, it IS a big deal (nearly a $100K deal!), but there is still time to fix things. I've only had a couple of slow weeks and there are about nine or ten to go. The only way to do better is to be positive!

*cough*...and stop procrastinating till the last minute *cough**cough**hack**cough*
*clears throat* Whoa, sorry about that! I've been sick the past couple of days.

Alright, so after all that gibberish I just threw up, this is what I really came here for - to share a drawing I did for fun instead of the homework I should have been doing.

Am I happy with the drawing? Kinda.
Could I have made it look better? Yes.
Was it worth putting off homework for? I think so.

I've been in a creative rut for a long while now. Every day I become more and more self-conscious about my abilities and less confident that I can do anything properly. The longer I go without drawing "just for fun," the worse it gets. Yes, homework is important, but when I forget to draw for myself, I forget the point of studying to be an artist at all.

...But from now on I need better timing for my therapeutic drawing sessions. Homework gets done from now on. No more excuses.