Dust after a Nap

After a long week of moving heavy stuff back and forth...room to room...building to building...my poor boyfriend was plum tuckered out. He was having a nice long nap today but, being the food lover that I am, I woke him up for dinner leaving him somewhat disoriented and disgruntled. As he sat up to try and come to his senses, he had the best grumpy face plastered on and, since I was already drawing, I just had to pull up a new layer and do a little speed painting!

So here he is in all his grumpy glory! This 5 minute or so doodle-sketch of my sweetheart.

(Isn't he just adorable? :P)


Head Stem

Been listening to "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Across the Universe" over and over and over again all day and this is what happened. I ended up rushing a background because life calls and I have other things to do :(
It's a weirdzilla drawing anyway, I don't think it minds. :P