Weekend Painting

I'm learning so much from painting with actual physical paint it's crazy. I really need to do this more. It's funny, I wanted to use oils so badly when I was younger because i thought that's what made a painting great, but now I'd much rather use acrylics for so many reasons, the main one being toxic substances are not required for thinning or cleaning...and it's way more affordable...and...easy to clean...not toxic...easy clean...cleeeean. Yeah, I don't really like to fuss over a mess.

I remember wanting to paint traditionally when I was young, hating traditional mediums when I discovered Photoshop, and coming full circle after taking a painting class in college and wanting to learn traditional again. It's amazing how different it feels to get the paint to the right consistency and brushing it on a canvas than simply drawing on a smooth tablet. I actually feel my creativity comes more naturally with the tablet, but I truly love both methods of working. Each have their own challenges, perks, and magic. I hope they never lose that magic and, as long as I keep playing, learning, and experimenting, I don't think they ever will.



This week we had to do caricatures and I had a ton of fun! Well, to be honest, I hated it at first. I just couldn't seem to figure out how to exaggerate the model and still keep the likeness, but after lots of thumbs and fiddling I started to loosen up and enjoy myself. I hope you enjoy them as well!


Changed My Mind! Muahaha!

Last night (or was it this morning?) on Facebook I assured my "fans" that I would spare their eyes of my icky rushed painting homework this week. Well, I changed my mind. I'm sharing it and you're going to feast your eyes! I have the actual painting sitting upright on the floor right now and, since the paint at the bottom pretty much blends in with the carpet, it looks like a disproportionate police officer is growing out of the floor. It amuses me.


A Promise Kept

It has been a long week of drawing, sleeping, and eating birthday cake for every meal, but it's finally time to put down the stylus (well, at least for the next couple hours). I'm pretty sure my butt is square at the moment. I need to get up and run around the block a few times to get my body out of "slouchy drawing sloth" mode. Eating a well rounded meal consisting of more than cake might be a good idea as well.

Anyway, on to the reason I'm writing this blog!
Today is a grand day, my friends. I, Holly Wade, actually completed a task I promised myself I would do. I entered the Rising Stars 2012 competition. Granted, I lucked out when they extended the deadline by a few days (and took full advantage of the extension down to the last hour), but I got some artwork turned in nonetheless. Now, I'm not expecting to win by any means, but I am still proud of myself for not flaking out as I so often do. The artwork isn't as polished as I would have liked (usually why I flake out of these things), and some of it is just plain boring, but if I always waited until my art was "perfect" to make a move then I would never get anywhere. So, entering this competition with my much less than perfect pieces has been a step forward in finding my place in this crazy, saturated industry.

Thank you to everyone who cheers me on and supports my work. I truly appreciate all the words of encouragement and wouldn't be where I am today without you! I just hope my work continues to improve and inspire for you all to enjoy!

Oh, and if you are curious, here are the drawings I submitted to the competition. Yes, I took some homework assignments and drew over them. It's okay, you can laugh.


Birthday Time!

Well, I am officially another year older, hopefully another year wiser and definitely another year...bloggier. I had a great day with tons of birthday wishes from family and friends and sincerely thank every one of you. You melted my heart and made me feel super special. Yay!

Now, what you all REALLY came for - my homework update! Oh wow, it sounds super boring when I put it that way. Let's call it - my epic artistic progress adventures! Yeah, I like that one much better.

 Landscape painting!

Thumbnails and value comps, oh my!

And last, but not least, the well received Gibson Girl with progress shots to boot!



Nostalgia. Just had a flashback to a moment that kind of changed my life (well, more like my identity) a long time ago and the person involved probably doesn't even remember it. It's strange how a moment can be so profound for one person and totally insignificant to another.

Anyway, thank you, Nameless, for the beautiful exchange which you surely didn't realize was so important to me and likely don't remember. I will creepily cherish that moment forever.


Recap of Today

My day started before the previous one would call it quits. I was working through the wee hours of the night and before I knew it, yesterday melted into today. Why, you ask, was I working through the night and into the day? Homework, of course! I have something of a tendency to put homework off until the last day, so this is pretty much my routine for Sunday nights and Monday mornings/afternoons/nights.

I try really hard to get things done early, but it just never seems to work out that way. I had an especially hard time focusing this week, what with my fiance's birthday and  the death of a very sweet woman who was also a family friend and our neighbor. Those kind of things have a way of throwing a person off.

Anyway, since I had to do such a boatload of work today, I thought I'd go ahead and dump it all here for your enjoyment...or dismay. Torture, maybe? Any of those options work here.

A.M drawing before crashing and catching some z's:
Morning-Afternoon drawings after catching some z's:
I colored it in the afternoon:

Prepared for a painting (still lots to fix before jumping in):
Deadline nearing - Rushed this painting:
Made small changes as per instructor's request:

And there you have it - my day's work in all its varied glory and embarrassment.
Thanks for checking it out.
Now, time for some shut eye.