Random Man Face

Nothing special to post for now, but I did start drawing this random face a few minutes ago. I was contemplating using it for an actual illustration, but realized there is a pile of homework begging for attention beside me >.>



Just posting a few random illustrations/designs from about a year ago for your viewing pleasure. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I made these. Boy, how time flies!


Digi Sketch

Just some doodles from a while back. Mostly just a bunch of random stuff that happens when I have something to draw with. I enjoy the robots in the middle. I might start a series. :)

Chicken-leg-face man could possibly find his way into some drawings later on...or maybe just onto your dinner plate.


Society of Illustrators?

Been wanting to enter in the student scholarship competition for a year now (since I missed it last year). :(
I can never seem to bring myself to submit anything because everything I see in those competitions are super cool and I feel like mine are just practice so far! Nothing really finished and deserving. I do, however, try! Tonight I'm working on something I'm hoping it will develop into a finished piece by morning. I'm posting the work in progress stage now because I have to do Finance homework before I forget and fail, lol. Can't wait to start back up on it! I'm really enjoying this one so far :)

"Well, I started out down a dirty road; started out all alone. And the sun went down as I crossed the hill; and the town lit up, the world got still. I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down, is the hardest thing."

Yeah, Tom Petty. Good stuff. :)


Finished product..not what I had in mind. Might re-visit this one again someday.