Continuing on...again

Getting the background worked out...hopefully will finish today. Been working on this much longer than I had originally planned.


"Khaotic" Serenity

Been really sad lately...just down in the dumps. One of those weeks, you know? Hey, it's life. Anyway, was thinking about the good old days and decided to recreate a meaningful guild symbol from WoW. I believe the dead tree was suppose to symbolize serenity while the black "unknown" around it was suppose to mean chaos. I could have it turned around, I dont' remember atm. It is nearly 3am. Anyway...I'm thinking about making some shirts.
Silkscreen FTW!



It's been a while

I haven't really been able to stick with a single idea or concept for an illustration in a long time it seems. I'm always second-guessing my original concept and trying figure out a better, cooooooler idea while ultimately failing at creating anything at all. What a bummer that has been.

Anyway, my boyfriend gave me a really awesome piece of advice tonight that I should probably get tattooed to my hand so I always see it when I pick up a pencil.
"K-I-S-S" - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Haha. Brilliant! That little phrase totally smacked me upside the common sense lobe of my brain, wherever it may be...and worked wonders. Dustin helped me pick one of two projects I was torn between and I got right to it.

There is still much work to go, but I figured I'd post the progress, mostly to document my progress for later reference (and giggles i suppose). It's crazy to see progress...especially when you think it's awesome in the first stage and then realize it was CRAP in the first stage once you get to the third stage lol.



Leap of Faith

Re-visited an old illustration I did out of the blue about a year ago. The original was sloppy and the resolution was terrible, so I figured I'd give it another shot with a little more care. The line-work could be better, but I do enjoy the image either way.