Tadpoles and Shadows

My last two projects for Illustration proved to be the most fun! I feel like I could improve tons more though and am excited to experiment more with these new styles and ideas. I think the taser tadpole is my favorite. The doodly-doos are how I imagine the tadpole would draw itself. :) The tadpole launcher has got to be some good fun too, unless it's aimed at you.


Seminar Final Homeslice

Been experimenting with Flash and learning tons about actionscript. Used the program for my final in Seminar and thought it'd be fun to post. I never had a chance to finish it and make it super amazingly awesome like I wanted, but at least I got some of it animated. If you want to see the animated version you can check it out at noiselessness.deviantart.com; otherwise, you can just look at this picture of the bunny from the animation.



Started to fiddle with character design for the script "Umbra" by a friend of a friend, Jason Willford. Not too thrilled about the turnout at the moment, but they are just products of sleepy brainstorming so hopefully I'll have something I'm a bit more proud of soon. They are suppose to be quick sketches and I kind of enjoy them that way, but the character just isn't right at the moment. Either way, they were great fun and a perfect way to end the night. :)


Sleepy Sketches

Doodling while my boyfriend was napping. The digital sketch of his slumber doesn't do him justice. Plus, he woke up before I could finish! ^_^



fiddlesticks. Illustrator randomness. I'm not all that great with said program, but I do enjoy it on certain occasions.


Zombie Pumpkin

It's a little late for Halloween stuff, but I drew it in October so it still counts! The picture is a bit of an inside joke but it's fun anyway.


Mark the book

Random update! I feel as though I should be reading. Instead I decided to share with you a simple little bookmark I made for my boyfriend last year. Yay for cute little gnomes! The toon on the bookmark is his World of Warcraft character. At the time he was a fire mage :P

Enough of the nerdy speak...here's the bookmark.


Direct Painting is HARD

I guess I am more of an indirect person.

I am also a major procrastinator! :D
I had plenty of time to paint last weekend but never felt like it...so instead of making a decent painting by taking my time with the assigned process I so passionately...dislike, I wait until I only have about 4 hours to complete the darn thing. Many of my projects are more fun this way, but with oil painting it just doesn't...work. Well, I guess it does work but it wasn't all that fun today. Anyway, I forgot what I was saying...I'm tired...here's the mess...goodnight.

Every time the song changed, so did my face. Most of the songs were pissed off angry grunge


Night Elf

It's a nelf. He's unsatisfied with his surroundings. I should learn to pay more attention to those.



When I first got my Wacom Intuos3 tablet I was so excited! I had no idea what it would be like, but I became comfortable with it quite quickly. This is the first picture I really sat down and drew with it after goofing off and figuring out how to adjust the pressure n' stuff.

The Lost Gecko

CD cover for an Ireland based band called The Lost Gecko as well as Illustration class.