It's Alive!!!

I am loving animation so far! We haven't gotten into anything complicated yet though, so we'll see how long I love it for. ;)
(Hopefully I'll love it FOREVER!)

Here is some homework that is due tonight. A heavy ball with a tail falling from an invisible cliff. I call it Tenta-tail.

This one is a bouncy ball with a mouse-like tail.

Here's another one that I had alot of fun with! The assignment was to make a ball come to life or have personality. I have always been scared of storms so I guess that's where the inspiration came from. They are awesome and beautiful but scaaary!!!


Weekend of Fun-ness

What a weekend so far. It's 3am and I'm still awake (but about to pass out!). Just wanted to throw up a new work in progress...yet another Stracraft inspired digital doodle. This time we have a Protoss unit about to do something malicious like turn invisible and slash your drones into nothingness.


Yay for weekends full of good friends, good fun, good games, and good food.



New Post Overdue

Wow, I am a lazy blogger! I have been having so much fun back at school everything else seems irrelevant...but everything most definitely is not irrelevant!

Hmm...I don't really have anything interesting to update, but you can look at my first animation assignment if you like!! Woohoooooo it's really short!

That was fun, wasn't it?! :D

Alright, enough of my craziness. Here's the real scoop:
It was an eternally dark night in the hills of a small post-apocalyptic settlement. This was no ordinary darkness, no, it was the kind that you feel bearing down into your soul like a malicious ink seeping through your skin, drowning you in the night's agonizing emptiness.

Ok, sorry, I'm still messing around. I needed to practice my mad writing skills.
Now that I've got that out of my system, here are some WIPs that I will probably never get around to finishing.
First one is of a Zerg hive. I was going to have some Dark Templars attacking at first, but maybe it'll be an all epic Zerg scene. (Starcraft 2 characters and architecture (c)Blizzard Entertainment)
Second is of a cheeseburger having a nightmare or something. At first I just had one regular sized cat hugging the burger to death but then I thought it'd be more funny with a bunch of cats crawling all over it and hanging off of it. My sis re-introduced me to http://icanhascheezburger.com/ the other day and I was so filled with lolcat happiness I had to do a tribute. Maybe I'll clean it up and finish one day when I'm done with homework. I think I'll draw a cat inside of his mouth sitting on the lettuce tongue too...we shall see.