Random Funness

I don't normally drink soda pop, but when I do it seems to be at really strange times (such as 3:45am on a school night?!). Also, I said "soda pop" because it seems as though one third the people I know are totally against saying "soda" because it is OBVIOUSLY called "pop," but they will reluctantly tolerate "soda pop" due to the inclusion of the word "pop." Another third of the people I know think saying "pop" is just silly because "pop" refers to a genre of music or a delicious frozen treat, not a beverage. The last third of people I know don't really care, and that's pretty much where I fall in.

Soda Pop.

Oh yeah, and I drew a rabid penguin. Trying to understand Illustrator better. I think I'm going to turn the blob that it's holding onto into a city doomed to be crushed or something.


Just one of those days

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're going to die? I hope not! It's no fun.


The Lion and the Lamb

Random stuff for the dorms. Always fun to help out a little.
Quick illustrations for the doors.