December Doodles

Wow, this month has been a blur. First came finals, then came graduation...and before I knew it, Christmas was here! I can hardly believe my college days are over (for now at least). It has been a good 4.5 years for sure, but it is time to move on. I am excited to find a job and get to work on the millions of projects I want to try my hand at. Like my good ol' dad tells me, I may be out of school, but I'm not done learning!

Time to find tutorials and fiddle with new programs. :)
Frustration, excitement, failure, and glimmers of hope, here I come!

Oh, and these are a few drawings I started after graduation for a Christmas project and didn't finish. Sorry for not getting gifts out this year!! I need to start painting and money saving way sooner next time!


Illustration Final Project

Didn't get through the entire storyboard in time but I do plan to finish it sometime (and even add sound!).



If you're keeping track of these...I'm sure you're tired of them by now. Don't watch if you want to wait for the completed animation! IT'S NOT DONE YET! XD


Death Packet Animation WIP 3

Keeping track of progress. Out of 90 "scenes" from the storyboard...I'm on about 8. >.>
Long way to go but excited for the journey. XD


Fan Artish

So, I'm up at 4am unable to sleep and even more unable to animate my project...and I find myself drawing the profile of some interpreter guy that makes really awesome music videos using sign language. I used reference but there is still something about it that doesn't really look like him. Oh well, practice is practice, right? It was fun either way!
If you're curious about the guys vids, you can find them here: http://www.youtube.com/st0rmfx


Portfolio Show!

The portfolio show was amazing! I had such a great time and everyone really pulled together at the last minute. I'm pretty sure it turned out better than anyone expected.

I'm so thankful for having had the opportunity to share such a wonderful experience with so many awesome artists. Thanks to everyone who came out!! You made it all worthwhile. :D

Here are a few pics of my display from the show. The computer on the left displayed a looping slide show of my work while the computer on the right displayed my three time lapse videos over and over. The projector above my display is where I doodled in Photoshop for the duration of the show. My feet were killing me but it was fun!

Here are the different layers of doodles from the show. While the art isn't necessarily masterful, it was entertaining for the show! Some drawings are of other artists and even visitors of the show! :)