Weekend Painting

I'm learning so much from painting with actual physical paint it's crazy. I really need to do this more. It's funny, I wanted to use oils so badly when I was younger because i thought that's what made a painting great, but now I'd much rather use acrylics for so many reasons, the main one being toxic substances are not required for thinning or cleaning...and it's way more affordable...and...easy to clean...not toxic...easy clean...cleeeean. Yeah, I don't really like to fuss over a mess.

I remember wanting to paint traditionally when I was young, hating traditional mediums when I discovered Photoshop, and coming full circle after taking a painting class in college and wanting to learn traditional again. It's amazing how different it feels to get the paint to the right consistency and brushing it on a canvas than simply drawing on a smooth tablet. I actually feel my creativity comes more naturally with the tablet, but I truly love both methods of working. Each have their own challenges, perks, and magic. I hope they never lose that magic and, as long as I keep playing, learning, and experimenting, I don't think they ever will.