Tadpoles and Shadows

My last two projects for Illustration proved to be the most fun! I feel like I could improve tons more though and am excited to experiment more with these new styles and ideas. I think the taser tadpole is my favorite. The doodly-doos are how I imagine the tadpole would draw itself. :) The tadpole launcher has got to be some good fun too, unless it's aimed at you.


Seminar Final Homeslice

Been experimenting with Flash and learning tons about actionscript. Used the program for my final in Seminar and thought it'd be fun to post. I never had a chance to finish it and make it super amazingly awesome like I wanted, but at least I got some of it animated. If you want to see the animated version you can check it out at noiselessness.deviantart.com; otherwise, you can just look at this picture of the bunny from the animation.