The Lost Gecko #2 (Soul)

Life has been hectic since the last week of the semester, but things are finally settling down. Time to enjoy the summer, yay!
Just finished CD cover #2 for The Lost Gecko. I love my job. (just wish I got paid hahaha!..ah..ha....ha...i guess that's really not too funny, but I'm still laughing :P)

Oh, and btw...the title of the CD is greek and I have no clue how to pronounce it; HOWEVER I am told that it means soul, butterfly, the immortal part of a person, etc. Just thought you might be curious.

(Done in Photoshop in either 20 mins or 3 hours..wasn't keeping track)


Ok ok ok...

So I have 3 illustrations to finish and a little over a week to finish them. I can do it! I'm going to have to put them on hold for now so that I can finish up two ginormous papers...but after those papers are done and gone, these illustrations are going to get a whole lotta artsy..whoopin...ness. Yeah. >.>

Going slow, running out of time....but darn it, I just love my major! :D