Recap of Today

My day started before the previous one would call it quits. I was working through the wee hours of the night and before I knew it, yesterday melted into today. Why, you ask, was I working through the night and into the day? Homework, of course! I have something of a tendency to put homework off until the last day, so this is pretty much my routine for Sunday nights and Monday mornings/afternoons/nights.

I try really hard to get things done early, but it just never seems to work out that way. I had an especially hard time focusing this week, what with my fiance's birthday and  the death of a very sweet woman who was also a family friend and our neighbor. Those kind of things have a way of throwing a person off.

Anyway, since I had to do such a boatload of work today, I thought I'd go ahead and dump it all here for your enjoyment...or dismay. Torture, maybe? Any of those options work here.

A.M drawing before crashing and catching some z's:
Morning-Afternoon drawings after catching some z's:
I colored it in the afternoon:

Prepared for a painting (still lots to fix before jumping in):
Deadline nearing - Rushed this painting:
Made small changes as per instructor's request:

And there you have it - my day's work in all its varied glory and embarrassment.
Thanks for checking it out.
Now, time for some shut eye.

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