A Promise Kept

It has been a long week of drawing, sleeping, and eating birthday cake for every meal, but it's finally time to put down the stylus (well, at least for the next couple hours). I'm pretty sure my butt is square at the moment. I need to get up and run around the block a few times to get my body out of "slouchy drawing sloth" mode. Eating a well rounded meal consisting of more than cake might be a good idea as well.

Anyway, on to the reason I'm writing this blog!
Today is a grand day, my friends. I, Holly Wade, actually completed a task I promised myself I would do. I entered the Rising Stars 2012 competition. Granted, I lucked out when they extended the deadline by a few days (and took full advantage of the extension down to the last hour), but I got some artwork turned in nonetheless. Now, I'm not expecting to win by any means, but I am still proud of myself for not flaking out as I so often do. The artwork isn't as polished as I would have liked (usually why I flake out of these things), and some of it is just plain boring, but if I always waited until my art was "perfect" to make a move then I would never get anywhere. So, entering this competition with my much less than perfect pieces has been a step forward in finding my place in this crazy, saturated industry.

Thank you to everyone who cheers me on and supports my work. I truly appreciate all the words of encouragement and wouldn't be where I am today without you! I just hope my work continues to improve and inspire for you all to enjoy!

Oh, and if you are curious, here are the drawings I submitted to the competition. Yes, I took some homework assignments and drew over them. It's okay, you can laugh.


Adare said...

I love how diverse your work is!

Holly said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you do!